Credit Card

A smart Credit Card balance transfer that gives you freedom to make flexible repayments.

Better savings.
  • Enjoy a lower interest rate of only 0.67% p.m. compared to the normal interest rate of 1.5% p.m.
  • No processing fees.
  • No early settlement fee.
  • No upfront fees.

Flexible repayment.
  • Flexible repayment at a minimum monthly payment amount of 6% of your total outstanding amount or RM50, whichever is higher*.
  • The more you pay upfront, the lesser the interest payable.
  • Minimum transfer of only RM1,000.

More freedom.
  • Transfer up to 80% your total available credit limit.

*If minimum monthly payment is not paid by the due date indicated in the credit card monthly statement, 1% late charges on the total outstanding amount as at statement due date will be imposed subject to a minimum of RM10 and a maximum of RM100.

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