Workplace Banking

Make Workplace Banking your
Partner in Staff Salary Savings


  • Earn up to 4.10% p.a. with OCBC 360 Account when you deposit monthly, pay 3 bills online and spend on your OCBC Credit Card
  • All-in-one solution for total banking needs
  • Personal doorstep service

We have the best banking IQ in the business.

Enhanced employee benefits at no extra cost

Account opening processes at your work place

Enjoy the convenience of opening staff accounts in the comfort of your office.

Personalised service by a dedicated Personal Financial Consultant (PFC)

A PFC will attend to the financial needs of your staff, with regular scheduled visits.

Improved staff efficiency and morale

With higher savings rates and at-your-door service, your staff will feel valued and appreciated.

How to start Workplace Banking at your Office

Business Owners/HR Departments

Email us at or call us at (03) 8317 5000 and share your contact details. We will follow up with an appointment to meet you at your convenience.


Already part of Workplace Banking
Ask your HR department for contact details of your dedicated Personal Financial Consultant (PFC) who can provide complimentary personalised financial advisory services.
Not yet with Workplace Banking
Email us at or call us at (03) 8317 5000 and share the contact details of your HR department. We will be in touch soon!