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What is OCBC OneTouch?

OCBC OneTouch is the mobile banking application that allows you an easy,quick and secure access to your account information. It uses the phone fingerprint authentication feature where you place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to view basic account information without logging in to Mobile Banking.

How do I access OCBC OneTouch?

OCBC OneTouch is available on the OCBC Mobile Banking application on iPhone and Samsung. You can download or update to the latest OCBC Mobile Banking application for iPhone from the App Store and for Samsung phone from the Play Store.

What are the eligible platforms and devices to access OCBC OneTouch?

The service is available on iOS and Android platform for iPhones with at least iOS8 or Samsung phones with at least Android 5.0 Lollipop. To protect your financial information, jailbroken devices are not supported.

Compatible iPhones: iPhone 5S or newer models, except iPhone X

Compatible Samsung devices: Galaxy S7 and S7 series or above, A8, A5, A7, note 4, note edge, note 5 and above and Alpha.

Is OCBC OneTouch secure?

OCBC OneTouch is protected by the authentication of your fingerprint which is a unique and secure source of identification. To activate the service, you do a one-time activation using your mobile banking Login ID and Password. Thereafter, you only need to place your finger on the home button to view your account balances and transaction history. You will notice that your account numbers will be partially masked, revealing only the last 4 digits of the account number.

The app does not store any account numbers, balances or other related information on the phone. To perform banking transactions other than balance enquiry, customers may log in to Mobile Banking using their Login ID and Password.

Can I activate OCBC OneTouch on multiple phones?

For security reasons, each customer can only activate OCBC OneTouch on one phone at any point in time.

I have changed to a new iPhone, can I continue using OCBC OneTouch on my new iPhone?

Yes, simply activate OCBC OneTouch on your new iPhone. The OCBC OneTouch service on your old iPhone will be deactivated automatically.

I have activated OCBC OneTouch but would like to deactivate the service, how do I do so?

To deactivate OCBC OneTouch, you can do so via the settings icon at the bottom left on the OCBC OneTouch page.

Do I need to pay for OCBC OneTouch?

No, this service is free of charge.

Can I use any finger for the OCBC OneTouch?

Yes, this corresponds with the feature in phone with fingerprint scanner that allows you to store any finger-print.