Exclusively for new OCBC Premier Banking Customers.
Join us for a world of benefits and privileges beyond just financial solutions.
When you place an equal amount in your Premier Save Account/-i from now till 31 December 2017.
The table below illustrates the Blended Effective Interest Rate (EIR) for 3 months if you take up the 5.50% p.a. Fixed Deposit promotion together with a Premier Save Account/-i.
Fixed Deposit/-i Promotional Rate Premier Save Account/-i daily balances Premier Save Account/-i Board Rate
(as at 9 August 2017)
Promotional Effective Interest/Profit Rate
5.50% p.a.
for 3 months

with minimum placement of
and above
3.10% p.a. 4.30% p.a.
Below RM200,000 1.00% p.a. 3.25% p.a.
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1 Fixed Deposit/-i Promotion: The Premier Save Account/-i minimum deposit amount must be equal to the 3-month Fixed Deposit/-i placement amount and will be earmarked for 3 months starting from the deposit date. Fresh funds are required. Fresh funds are defined as funds from a third party bank (which means any licensed bank in Malaysia, other than OCBC and OCBC Al-Amin), which are deposited or transferred into an Eligible Customer’s account with OCBC or OCBC Al-Amin, not more than 7 days from the date of participation in this Promotion. For comparison, the board rate for a 3-month Fixed Deposit/-i is 2.75% p.a. and the board rate for Premier Save Account/-i is 3.10% p.a. as at 9 August 2017.

Premier Save Account/-i: The minimum amount to open Premier Save Account/-i is RM50,000 and a minimum balance of RM20 must be maintained in the account. In the event of premature withdrawal of the earmarked amount in Premier Save Account/-i, the 3-month Fixed Deposit/-i rate will be reverted to its board rate of 2.75% p.a. Premier Save Account interest/profit rate is based on a 1-month KLIBOR Fixing minus the Adjustment Rate for balances RM200,000 and above. The 1-month KLIBOR Fixing will be obtained from Bloomberg and is based on fixing done on every Business Day at 11am. The Adjustment Rate is at the discretion of OCBC Bank and will be in the range of 0.04% p.a. to 0.40% p.a. and is at 0.08% p.a. as at 31 August 2017.

Terms and conditions of OCBC Premier Banking membership apply. The eligibility criteria to join OCBC Premier Banking is a minimum of RM300,000 in Assets Under Management or RM2 million in Liabilities Under Management. For full terms and conditions of membership please visit here.